WPL’s Best Sellers – Non-Fiction – Summer 2021

We’re happy to share a long list of soon-to-be/newly published books which we are sure will be very popular with our customers. All of these titles will be ordered by WPL. Due to their popularity, holds are highly recommended.

Abrams, Dan and David Fisher - Kennedy's Avenger : assassination, conspiracy and the forgotten trial of Jack Ruby
Andersen, Christopher - The Brothers
Baumgartner, Brian - An Oral History of The OfficeBernstein, Carl - Chasing History : a kid in the Newsroom
Duckworth, Tammy - Every Day is a Gift : a memoir
Eilish, Billie - Billie Eilish
Gladwell, Malcolm - The Bomber Mafia : a dream, a temptation, and the longest night of the Second World War
Jaku, Eddie - The Happiest Man on Earth : the beautiful life of an Auschwitz survivor
Johnson, Katherine - My Remarkable Journey : a memoir
Lewis, Michael - The Premonition
MacKinnon, J.B. - The Day the World Stops Shopping
McCarthey, Andrew - Brat : an 80s story
McLeod, Darrel J. - Peyakow : reclaiming Cree dignity, a memoir
Morrison, Jim - The Collected Works of Jim Morrison : poetry, journals, transcripts and lyrics
O'Connor, Sinead - Rememberings : scenes from my complicated life
O'Reilly, Bill and Martin Dugard - Killing the Mob : a fight against organized crime in America
Salaam, Yusef - Better, Not Bitter : living on purpose in the pursuit of racial justice
Smith, Clint - How the Word is Passed : a reckoning with the history of slavery across America
Stone, Brad - Amazon Unbound
Trump, Mary L. - The Reckoning

More titles coming soon!